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All of our classes will start on week 36th, 2010!

All Classes are 14 time one time per week

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All of our classes will start on week 05th, 2011!


Fabian Vallejos
Fabian Vallejos
Tove Sintorn

Nicolina Donvin

Philippe Vincent

All our dance classes are 12 lessons, one hour per week.

We will always rotate dance partners during our classes.

We will teach a lot of dance technique,Spinning and Style, be ready to sweat alot and have a lot of fun!

For more info and private lessons contact:
tel: (+46)(0) 737- 02 11 34


Dance Studio


CLasses Schedule:

All of our classes will start on week 05th, 2011!

OBS: If the class is too easy or too difficult, you can change the level any time.
Minimum for every class is 20 people ;)

All our classes are at Falken: Dance Studios: Storan, Lilla dansen and Stora dansen.


Mondays - Storan
(31 Jan)

Tuesdays - Lilla dansen (01 Feb)

Wednesdays - Storan
(02 Feb)

Thursdays - Stora dansen (03 Feb)

(04 Feb)

Saturdays - Storan

(06 Feb)

17.00 to 18.00            

Lady Style
Nicolina Donvin

18.00 to 19.00

Private salsa
(Elite Class)

  Salsa Cuban Style (Nybörjarkurs)

Salsa Cuban Style


Spin technique

19.05 to 20.05

Salsa Line Style


Salsa Cuban Style



Dance Vida
"Bachata" Pro team

20.10 to 21.10

Spin technique

Line on 2
"Philippe & Nicolina"

Salsa Line Style

West Coast Swing


Falken Parties!!!!

Salsa, WCS, Bachata!
Open for everyone Enter: 60.- kr



  • Sat: 15 Jan
  • Sat: 22 Jan
  • Sat: 05 Feb
  • Sat: 19 Feb
  • Sat: 05 March
  • Sat: 19 March
  • Sat: 02 April
  • Sat: 16 April
  • Sat: 30 April - WCS
  • Sat: 14 May
  • Sat: 21 May
21.10 to 22.10

Salsa Line Style

Dance Vida 
"Salsa" Pro team

Performance Salsa Show
(Elite Class)

West Coast Swing


Free Salsa Social
Dance from
22.10 to 23.30



WCS Social dance
22.10 to 23.30 
Free for everyone.

      Cha Cha Cha - Inter
Lilla dancen
20.15 - Philippe
  = Basic          
  = Intermediate          
  = Intermediate/Advance        
Elite Private Advance class.
For this Private class you will get a personal invitation.
  Social dance          

Download Schedule in PDF:





About Salsa Line Style

L.A. style salsa, usually danced “On 1", is a flasher version of New York style salsa moves. Dancers use lots of dips, flips, drops and tricks which make for a great show to watch. The back and forth Mambo basic, again in a linear motion, is utilized with the leader breaking forward on 1. Because the dominating beat is the 1 beat which is the most accented beat in the series, the dancing looks and feels powerful and fast. L.A. style salsa has incorporated many other types of dancing including jazz, hip hop, and ballroom which is challenging for the dancers and entertaining for the viewers. Similar to the New York style salsa, many of the moves are created from cross body lead variations. Shines are an important component of this type of salsa with complicated, speedy footwork and jazzy moves.


About Salsa Cuban style

Cuban salsa style is most similar to the original form of salsa rooted in Cuba. It is characterized by Afro Cuban style body movement which includes body isolation and hip movement. Cuban style salsa does not have many fast spins. Instead the movement is very circular as opposed to linear and partners tend to travel around each other. The hip movement is more noticeable in this style and stems from the pumping of the knees. The footwork is quite simple – the complexity lies in the arm work which requires the follower to have limber, flexible arms.


About Bachata

Bachata moderna is the next evolution of the dance based on the concept of the crosses. It incorporates different styles onto the Bachata beat, for example, you can do bachata-tango steps, zouk basics, cha-cha moves and more! With Bachata Moderna your dance won’t be from side to side as the traditional bachata is, instead, you will move and flow on the dance floor with such ease!

With the development of the Bachata music and the new Urban Bachata movement led by bands such as Aventura, Domenic Marte, 4Ever, etc, the Bachata Moderna style started.

Our Style of teaching is Bachata Moderna. We will also mix with some Bachatango and a bit of Dominican style, we just teach social dance things that you can be able do lead and fallow in the dance floor with everyone.


About Salsa Spinning class

Here we will show you the easy way how to spin alone and with your partner, we will teach you how to get and keep your balance. This class is for you that want to take your salsa dancing to the next level, The balance and spinning its not just for Salsa its also required in all dances!

Spinning its one of the most difficult tasks in any kind of dance. It will be more difficult and take longer time if you don't learn the right technique!
You will see that after a few classes you will see a great improve in your self!

We are the best ones spinning here and we will show you and teach you all the technique that you need for to be a great leader and follower on the dance floor!

About West Coast Swig

West Coast Swing (WCS) is a partner dance derived from Lindy Hop. It is characterised by a distinctive elastic look that results from its basic extension-compression technique of partner connection, and is danced primarily in a slotted area on the dance floor. The dance allows for both partners to improvise steps while dancing together.
Typically the follower walks into new patterns traveling forward on counts "1" and "2" of each basic pattern, rather than rocking back. The Anchor Step is a common ending pattern of many West Coast Swing figures.

West Coast Swing is a dance originally develop from Lindy-Hop. From 70th century onwards, the dance influenced by both Latin American dance styles such as The Hustle. The dance is danced to traditional pop music and sometimes even to the Hip Hop and RnB which allows it to be danced on the dance floor at any time.
The dance has it's heart in California, but now it is growing world wide. 

Resumen of WCS History:

For more info and private lessons contact:
Teacher: Fabian Vallejos
tel: (+46)(0) 737- 02 11 34
Email: info@dansasalsa.com - fabi_salsa@yahoo.com




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